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 Katwall was very proud to be part of this Project. Katwall was involved in all aspects and phases of this project when it was built.

Grand Opening will be Earth Day 2013.

 This is one of the most ambitious green buildings in North America. Aiming to set a new standard in urban sustainability, the Bullitt Center is envisioned as a living building designed to satisfy all of its energy, water and waste needs. One of the most iconic aspects of the building will be an extensive photo voltaic array that will generate 100 percent of the building's energy. The mixed-use building will serve as the future headquarters of the Bullitt Foundation as well as provide office and commercial space for leaders in the green building industry. Located at the intersection of Seattle's Central Area and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, the building is a focal point for education and growing awareness about sustainable development. 
Exterior front of Cascadia under the solar panel shade.

Living Building Challenge

One of the most ambitious aspects of the Bullitt Center will be achieving the goals of the Living Building Challenge(version 2.0), as described by the International Living Building Institute.

To be certified as a Living Building, a structure is required to be self-sufficient for energy and water for at least 12 continuous months and to meet rigorous standards for green materials and for the quality of its indoor environment. 

The Living Building Challenge requires a project to meet 20 specific imperatives within seven performance areas (or “Petals”). For the Bullitt Center, meeting the imperatives will include the following:

  • Site: The location will support a pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-friendly lifestyle.

  • LBC 2.0 FlowerWater: Rainwater will be collected on the roof, stored in an underground cistern and used throughout the building.


  • Energy: A solar array will generate as much electricity as the building uses.


  • Health: The building will promote health for its occupants, with inviting stairways, operable windows and features to promote walking and resource sharing.


  • Materials: The building will not contain any “Red List” hazardous materials, including PVC, cadmium, lead, mercury and hormone-mimicking substances, all of which are commonly found in building components.


  • Equity: Unlike many office buildings, large operable windows will offer fresh air and daylight to all the people who work in the Bullitt Center. The goals of Seattle’s Community High Road Agreement will guide selection of the construction team.


  • Beauty: Stunning architecture, an innovative photovoltaic array, a green roof and other native plantings, large structural timbers and a revitalized neighboring pocket park will help beautify the surrounding streetscape.
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